Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is it a commercial organization?

Ans: No. It is a non-commercial, Not-for-profit organization run by dedicated philanthropists and humanitarians.

2.What is the history of the organization?

Ans: Karivena Brahmins established one choultry almost a century ago to provide free food to pilgrims. It was welcomed at that time, when no provision was available for pilgrims for food or stay. The organisers had offered rice flour mixed with jaggery as an energy provider to tired pilgrims who reached the place after weeks of trekking through dense forests. Hot water to clean wounds and castor oil for application was also provided. The free food and accommodation services continued there after.

3.What are the activities of the organization?

Ans:There are many related service activities. But here are the main ones. Serve food and accommodation to the pilgrims who visit the temple towns at free of cost. Serve old-aged people who do not have shelter and care.

4.How can one contribute for the activities?

Ans: One can send a Demand draft / Pay order with the following details.

Drawn in favour of :

Akhilabharateeya Brahmana Karivena Nityannadana Satram, Srisailam

Address them to:

The secretary

ABBKN Satram,

D.No.40/582-15-2,Near Surya Towers, Opp.to Water Tank,Challa Compound,,

Kurnool - 518004,

Andhra Pradesh, India.

5.Where all the organization has branches of service?

Ans: We have our services currently at the following pilgrimages. (Alphabetically) Alampur, Bhadrachalam,Mahanandi, Rameshwaram,Shirdi,Srisailam, Varanasi and Vijayawada.

Our head quarters is in Srisailam in due respect to its seniority of establishment.

However, more service activities are in planning and we are waiting for donors.

6. Are there any agents for the organization in any part of the world?

Ans: No. We have neither any individual nor any organization that can collect the donations on our behalf. Please discourage such individuals and organizations by bringing them to our notice.

However, the donors can directly donate at our establishments and collect the receipt for the same.

7.Is it meant for only Brahmin (Brahman) community?

Ans: No. The name is misleading a bit. The food served at our centers is commonly called as 'Brahmana Bhojanam' in Telugu. It is famous for its vegetarianism and Satvik taste. This food is suggested in India by Yoga gurus.

Our motto is to serve the humankind in Brahmin way. In Sanskrit, it said that "Brahmano Bahujana Priyaha!" meaning that 'A Brahmin is adored by all'.

8. Are there any sponsors to the organization?

Ans: Apart from the one time donors to the organization, we have several individuals who donate generously as per the occasion. No organization or individual has a tag of sponsoring us.

9. How is government helping the organization?

Ans: Though government does not have any direct channel to help us, we are encouraged by several governments across India for our service activities.


Donation to ABBK satram are eligible to get a deduction from taxable Income under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961,under 80G of first provision to Sub-Section (5) of clause (iv). Vide unique Reg.No. AADAA6719JF20221 - Dt.06-04-2022.